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Research and evaluation consultant
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Sarah Fotheringham


Research and evaluation consultant

Hello and Welcome!

Having worked in the non-profit sector for over 15 years as a social worker in front-line, management, research and policy, I bring extensive knowledge about systems, community, organizations and program development.

I have a PhD in Social Work from the University of Calgary and am a Registered Social Worker with Alberta Council of Social Workers. I have published across a range of topics such as gender, domestic/sexual violence, homelessness, and social enterprise and have worked with numerous organizations providing a range of research and evaluation services. Recently, I was invited by the United Nations Programme on Youth to an Expert Group Meeting in New York City to present my doctoral research on women and social enterprise in Canada, with 8 other international experts. Our presentations and ensuing discussions will inform the upcoming World Youth Report 2019 and its focus on Youth Social Entrepreneurship and the 2030 Agenda. Very exciting! My education, blended with my diverse practice experiences, enables me to connect high-level, big picture thinking with direct practice in the social service sector and beyond.

In my spare time, I am an avid cyclist and spend part of my time in the mountains, in Canmore, Alberta.

I am passionate about well-researched, quality work and look forward to exploring how I can help you!



University of Calgary

PhD, Social Work

Dissertation Topic: Social enterprise for low-income women: A valuable component of anti-poverty work in Canada

SSHRC Recipient
2011 - 2016

Masters, Social Work

Thesis Topic: The potential for collaboration between women's shelters and sexual assault centres: The voices of survivors

2005 - 2008

University of Victoria

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

1994 - 1998

EMES International Research Network

International PhD Summer School

The three SE pillars: Social Entrepreneurship, Social Economy and Solidarity Economy


Experience & Affiliations


The project to end domestic violence

Research Associate

YWCA Calgary

Research Consultant

Manager of Research and Quality Assurance

Program Analyst

Special Projects Consultant

University of Calgary

Urban Alliance

Centre for Sexuality

Board of Directors, President

Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services

Research Contract

Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse

Sexual Assault Worker

Alberta Council of Social Workers

Registered Social Worker

Canadian Evaluation Society


Services & Portfolio

Evaluation - Developmental, Collective Impact, Summative, Formative

Program Design, Logic Models, Theories of Change

Workshop Development & Facilitation

Social Innovation & Impact

Grant & Proposal Writing

Report & Academic Writing

Fotheringham, S. (2016). Reviving and reshaping gender in Social Work. In A. Al-Krenawi, J. Graham, & N. Habibov (Eds.), Diversity and Social Work in Canada. Oxford University Press.

Fotheringham, S., & Saunders, C. (2014). Social enterprise as poverty reducing strategy for women. Social Enterprise Journal, 10(3), 176-199.

Fotheringham, S., Dunbar, J., & Hensley, D. (2013). Speaking for themselves: hope for children caught in domestic violence custody and access disputes. Journal of Family Violence, 28(4), 311-324.

Fotheringham, S., Walsh, C. & Burrowes, A. (2013). “A place to rest”: The role of transitional housing in ending homelessness for women. Canada, Gender, Place & Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography, DOI: 10.1080/0966369X.2013.810605.

Berg, B., Hewson, J. & Fotheringham, S. (2012). Collaborating to explore social work research ethics. Canadian Social Work, 14(1), 10-16.

Fotheringham, S. & Tomlinson, D. (2009). Identifying the potential for collaboration between women’s shelters and sexual assault centres: comparing and contrasting the service delivery needs of clients. Currents: New Scholarship in the Human Services, 8(1), 1-13. Retrieved from

Fotheringham, S. (2013). Exploring the methodology of Getting Lost with Patti Lather. The Qualitative Report, 18(Rev. 3), 1-4.

Qualitative and Community Based Research

YWCA of Calgary

The service needs of women mandated to domestic violence counselling by Child and Family Services.

“A Place to Rest”: The role of transitional housing in Ending homelessness for women.

Turner Strategies

"Kelowna's Journey Home Strategy": Kelowna's Strategy to Address Homelessness.
In Collaboration with Turner Strategies.

Service model considerations from research findings and community consultation input.
In Collaboration with Turner Strategies.

Urban Alliance

Social Impacts of an Economic Downturn: Considerations for the City of Calgary.

Alberta Association of Sexual Assault Centres

Comparing and Contrasting the Service Delivery Needs of Clients of Women’s Shelters with Clients of Sexual Assault Centres in Alberta.


Faculty of Social Work

Child Studies & Social Work

Clients & Associates